Hypnotize Art
Animation: “Way Out” by Yukai Du
Animation / December 30, 2014

“Way Out”, an animation by London-based illustrator and animator Yukai Du. Her film is a reflection on the lifelessness of life thanks to mobile devices, and was inspired by the book “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle. Watch it below.  

Marguerite Sauvage
Fashion / December 28, 2014

Diggin’ the style of Marguerite Sauvage’s fashion illustrations. I like how the way shoe is sliding off her foot in the last one. (Thanks for the tip, Macky!)

Animation of the Day: Muta “Praise”
Animation / December 24, 2014

This song on repeat all morning. Love this simple animation style by Titouan Bordeau for Muta’s song “Praise”. Music label King Deluxe always has great videos. Watch the animation below.  

Andy Calabozo
Drawings / December 23, 2014

Andy Calabozo was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Now he’s based in Portugal. More drawings below.                        

Lukas Peet
Designer / December 20, 2014

Beautiful lights, stools, and clocks by Lukas Peet. Vancouver.  

JK Keller
Designer / December 19, 2014

Artist/designer JK Keller (lives and works with Keetra Dean Dixon). Found matchbooks manipulated into little hands spelling letters in sign language. Just one of Keller’s many genius projects.

Animation: Still NYC
New York / December 16, 2014

I wanted this video to be even longer, it’s so good! Ynon Lan walked around NYC and made these fantastic little stop-motion pieces stitching together photos of things he saw over and over: taxis, brownstones, even Starbucks. Watch “Still NYC” below.