Hypnotize Art
Kickstarter of the Day: Replica of the Moon Based on NASA Data
Designer / January 31, 2015

Amazing collaboration between London-based designer Oscar Lhermitte and design studio Kudu, this lunar globe isn’t just topographically accurate – it can rotate along with the phases of the actual moon! While created on a much smaller scale (1:20 million), “Moon” is based on data from NASA and computer outfitted with the same memory as the Apollo 11 computers. Check out more images and their Kickstarter video below!              

Scott Pommier for Flaunt
Fashion / January 31, 2015

Beautiful photos by photographer Scott Pommier for Flaunt Magazine. Watch the short video he directed below.        

Artist Spotlight: Ben Branagan
Designer / January 30, 2015

London-based artist and designer Ben Branagan creates quirky collages using everything from auction catalogues and magazines to things he’s photographed himself. See more images below!          

Artist Spotlight: Eiko Borcherding
Drawings / January 30, 2015

Gorgeous pencil drawings by Hamburg, Germany-based artist Eiko Borcherding. More images below (lots more).                                                

Ye Rin Mok
Fashion / January 29, 2015

I recently discovered the photography of Ye Rin Mok, who has shot for the likes of Anthen, Nylon, Tokion, Theme, Spin, Monocle, and the list really does go on. Looking through Mok’s portfolio I discovered a large number of the photos in which the subject is actually facing away from the camera. I found the gallery jarring, and really quite powerful. I took a class in art school called and we learned that there is a little sensor in the brain that is constantly looking for faces. This is why the bumper and headlights on a car look like a smiling face, and also why there is such tension in these photos. There are no faces in these portraits. http://www.yerinmok.com

Alison Malone
New York / January 29, 2015

, a fascinating photo series by Alison Malone exploring the secret society known as Job’s Daughters. Malone was a member of the society in the early 90’s.

01 Magazine / Group Show
New York / January 28, 2015

My friends at 01 Magazine are bringing an absolutely amazing group show to New York next week. Here is a selection of some of the artists that will be showing! Lots of Vancouverites! Jennilee Marigomen Peter Sutherland Sam Falls Todd Jordan Ali Bosworth Alana Celii & Grant Willing Coley Brown Becky Brisco Dan Siney Melinda Santillan Bob Myaing Nicholas Gottlund Nicholas Haggard Niall McClelland 01 Group Exhibition On view: October 16 – 24, 2010 No6 Store 6 Centre Market Place New York, NY (212) 226-5759 Gallery Hours: Monday – Friday 2-7pm Saturday 12-7pm / Sunday 12-6pm 01 Magazine No6 store

Incredibly Detailed Drawings by Artist Kim Jung Gi
Drawings / January 28, 2015

Korean comic illustrator Kim Jung Gi is on a completely different level from everyone else. He creates insanely detailed large scale drawings without sketching anything; imagery just flows right out of him. His precision with ink is savant-like, and he says it comes from having a good memory. I’ve never really seen anything like it. Have a look at more drawings and several astonishing live drawing videos below. Prepare yourself.                          

Artist Profile: Mike Giant
Graffiti / January 27, 2015

Enjoyed this thorough profile on legendary graffiti, tattoo, and fine artist Mike Giant. I’m sure he cringed when he saw the titles in this video though, they’re so bad! Watch it below.  

Artist Spotlight: Peter Taylor
Drawings / January 26, 2015

Peter Taylor continues to explore themes of balance and joy in these fantastic new pencil drawings (click here for previous post). If you happen to be in Vancouver March 19th, you can check out  at El Kartel (104 East Pender). If not, see more images below.