Hypnotize Art
Ana Kraš / Shy Gestures
Designer / January 4, 2015

posted a nice feature on Serbian-born artist and designer Ana Kraš. I’ve featured her beautiful objects before (). Watch the interview below!

Animation: “I Decided To Leave” by Daniel Britt
Animation / January 2, 2015

This surreal animation by Daniel Britt (from the insanely talented This Is It Collective) is nothing short of a masterpiece. Brilliant writing, and flawless animation. Hats off to everyone involved, especially sound designer Oswald Skillbard. Watch “I Decided To Leave” below!  

iOS Game of the Day: Specimen
New York / January 1, 2015

Here’s an addictive little iOS game for all you designers out there who feel you have a discerning eye for colour! You can test yourself to see just how accurate those eyeballs of yours really are. Specimen was created by three New Yorkers; Designer Erica Gorochow, developer Sal Randazzo, and programmer Charlie Whitney. The museum-led incubator known as NEW INC acted as a home base for the project and it sounds like the community there really helped foster Specimen’s development. The team now has plans to be able to provide users with data about the way they see colour. If you wanna check it out, you can download Specimen for free. (I’ve found that I do better when I squint at the screen.)