Hypnotize Art
7 Years of Daily Drawings in a 2500 Page Book by Artist Ruben Steeman
Drawings / February 2, 2015

For seven years artist Ruben Steeman posted one drawing each day to his website. After reaching the incredible milestone of 2,500 drawings he decided to put all of the drawings in one book. Various publishers told him it would be impossible to produce his book but he remained determined, crowdfunded it and eventually found a book binder to make it happen. The result is 2500 Days of Rust an enormous 2,508 page book, weighing in at a healthy 3.5 kilograms. He points out that if you were to look at each page for 10 seconds it would take 7 hours to go through the entire book. Take a look at more images of the book below as well as a video clip of the accompanying installation showcasing all 2,500 drawings on a 19m wide wall.              

Re: Sound Bottle by Jun Fujiwara
Designer / February 2, 2015

Pull the cork off, make some sounds, and this magical little bottle turns it into music! A wonderful design project from Jun Fujiwara. Watch the video below!