Hypnotize Art
Graffiti just like Grandma used to make
Graffiti / March 14, 2015

LATA 65 is introducing older citizens of Lisbon to graffiti. With the help of established street artists, attendees of the workshop learn the history of street art, create their own stencils/tags, and are taken out into the city to make their mark. The project aims to create a sense of solidarity and dispel the assumptions that tend to surround street art and graffiti culture. More images of the participants and their work below.  

Artist Spotlight: Mike Lee
New York / March 10, 2015

More great stuff by New York-based artist Mike Lee! Lee’s latest series is on display at Giant Robot’s GR gallery in Los Angeles until July 25th. Images below.                

Ivana Martinovic
Designer / March 9, 2015

Ivana Martinovic passed me a link to her design portfolio and I’m glad she did. I especially like these embroideries that were created for a series of wine labels. Beautiful work.

Take My Picture
Fashion / March 7, 2015

is a fantastic mini-documentary, directed by Dasha Zhukova and Andinh Ha. It examines the phenomenon of “peacocking” in the fashion world due to the proliferation of street style blogs. I could actually see this being part of a feature length documentary about blogging’s affect on our culture, and our desire to document everything. Watch the film below!

Jaya Nicely
Drawings / March 6, 2015

Works by illustrator Jaya Nicely. More below.              

Henrietta Harris
Drawings / March 6, 2015

Drawings and paintings by Auckland, New Zealand-based artist Henrietta Harris. I previously featured her work here and here. More below.                    

Crew Against People
Graffiti / March 6, 2015

If I could join a graf crew it would be CAP. Crew Against People. Possibly the best name for anything ever.

Artist Profile: Mac Premo
New York / March 2, 2015

Really enjoyed this profile on Brooklyn-based artist Mac Premo, by filmmaker Bas Berkhout (the editing is terrific). Take a look at some images of Mac Premo’s work and watch the video below.                    

Henrik Vibskov
Fashion / March 1, 2015

Henrik Vibskov is on another level. Artist, musician, fashion and stage designer, he is an endless source of inspiration for me.