Hypnotize Art
Katherine Peever
Drawings / April 30, 2015

Drawings by artist Katherine Peever. Found via . More of Katherine’s work below.          

Corey Holms
Designer / April 28, 2015

Type explorations by Corey Holms (that insanely talented designer who created the iconic Sopranos logo and roughly 99,000 other things).

Artist Spotlight: Keegan McHargue
New York / April 27, 2015

Paintings by artist Keegan McHargue, who was born in Portland and currently lives and works in New York. More images below.                            

Animation of the Day: Swap Meet
Animation / April 25, 2015

Animator Caleb Wood organized a collaborative experiment with 13 other visual artists and a couple sound artists. Each artist created a background and traded it with another artist, animating over top of the other’s work. Watch the terrific results below.   Artists: Caleb Wood – vimeo.com/calebwood Charles Huettner – vimeo.com/charleshuettner David Prosser – daveprosser.co.uk/ Elli Vuorinen – ellivuorinen.com/ Grace Nayoon Rhee – vimeo.com/nayoon1212 Jonathan Djob Nkondo – absenteism.tumblr.com/ Kyle Mowat – vimeo.com/kvmowat Lee Kyu-tae – vimeo.com/kokooma Lilli Carre – lillicarre.com/ Loup Blaster – vimeo.com/user2362475 Nicolas Menard – nicolasmenard.com/ Nelson Boles – vimeo.com/nelsonboles Shin Hashimoto – vimeo.com/user10659205 Shen Jie – vimeo.com/user16760143 Additional sound contributions by: Oswald Skillbard – skillbard.com/ David Kamp – studiokamp.com/ Jordan Obo Sound Mix by David Kamp  

Caleb Hahne
Drawings / April 21, 2015

Drawings by artist Caleb Hahne. Found via . More below.        

Dear Data: A Fascinating Year-Long Hand-Drawn Data Visualisation Project
New York / April 21, 2015

Designers Giorgia Lupi (New York) and Stefanie Posavec (London) recently launched a fascinating postcard project called Dear Data. Each week the two data artists measure one aspect of their daily lives and then represent that information with a drawing on a postcard. Every Monday they put their postcards into the mail to journey across the ocean to the other and begin collecting data for the next postcard. Having only met twice in person, this project is as much about the two of them getting to know one another as it is about finding creative ways to record details of their own lives. There are so many interesting details in the notes they make for each other; instructions on how to decode the often extremely abstract ways they’ve represented their findings, as well as little tidbits about their day. The topics they choose for each week vary from people and purchases they make to emotions and the number of times they look at themselves in a mirror or window. I love the analog and imperfect nature of the project; I think it makes the idea of data visualisation more accessible. I’ve included a bunch of their postcards below. Head over to their site to see larger images (they’re worth reading).    …

Chyrum Lambert
Drawings / April 19, 2015

Hand-cut mixed media drawings by artist Chyrum Lambert. Really refreshing style! More below.                              

Photographer Gail Albert Halaban
New York / April 16, 2015

American photographer Gail Albert Halaban explores the voyeuristic draw of window watching by staging interior shots of people at home, taken from a distance. More images below.              

Behind the Scenes of Michel Gondry’s film “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?”
Animation / April 16, 2015

Michel Gondry’s latest film “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?” is now up on iTunes. If you’ve already seen it, here’s an extra dose of inspiration in the form of a 9-minute clip of Gondry drawing and talking about the film. Just watching him work makes me wanna throw my calendar out the window and just doodle all day. Watch below!  

Keita Onishi
Animation / April 16, 2015

Japanese animator Keita Onishi matches the vibe and tempo of Julien Mier and Magical Mistakes’ track, “Divide, Multiple,” perfectly. More images and full video below.

Video of the Day: Animation Continuously Morphs Through Popular Films
Animation / April 15, 2015

Animator Chris Carboni created this terrific animation which continuously morphs through popular films. The piece is a music video for a band called Cruisr, but sorta feels completely unrelated to the music. I actually muted the video and listened to it with Flying Lotus’ Parisian Goldfish (much better). I expected to see a lot of classic films here but it was nice to see more recent films like Under The Skin included too. How many of the films can you recognize? Watch the animation below.  

Peter Judson
Designer / April 15, 2015

Illustrations by London-based Peter Judson. More below.