Hypnotize Art
Photographer Gail Albert Halaban
New York / April 16, 2015

American photographer Gail Albert Halaban explores the voyeuristic draw of window watching by staging interior shots of people at home, taken from a distance. More images below.              

Behind the Scenes of Michel Gondry’s film “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?”
Animation / April 16, 2015

Michel Gondry’s latest film “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?” is now up on iTunes. If you’ve already seen it, here’s an extra dose of inspiration in the form of a 9-minute clip of Gondry drawing and talking about the film. Just watching him work makes me wanna throw my calendar out the window and just doodle all day. Watch below!  

Keita Onishi
Animation / April 16, 2015

Japanese animator Keita Onishi matches the vibe and tempo of Julien Mier and Magical Mistakes’ track, “Divide, Multiple,” perfectly. More images and full video below.