Hypnotize Art
Guy Gets High on 50 Different Drugs and Draws Trippy Self-Portraits
Drawings / August 5, 2015

Ambien Bryan Lewis Sauders has been documenting his experiences with different drugs and intoxicants in the form of expressive self-portraits. Each drawing was created under the influence, and he says he’s “suffered mild brain damage” from the experiment. Below are 50 of his self-portraits. G-13 Marijuana   Crystal Meth   Adderall   Bath Salts   Cough Syrup   Huffing Gas   Loritab   4mg Dilaudid   Buspar   Dilaudid   90mg Abilify   Nitrous   Marijuana   3mg Klonopin   Research chemical 251-NBOMe   Abilify, Ativan, Xanax   2mg Nicotine Gum   Real Absinthe   Ativan   Butalbital   4mg Risperdal   Butane Honey Oil   Cephalexin   Cocaine   Huffing Computer Duster   DMT   Geodon   Hash   Heroin   Hydrocone, oxy, xanax   Lighter Fluid   Morphine IV   Nitrous, Valium   PCP   Percocet   Pot Brownies   Pruno   Resin   Ritalin   Salvia   Seroquel   Sodium Thiopental IV   Soma   Tramadol   Trazodone   Valium IV   Valium   Xanax   Zoloft   Zyprexa   Bryan Lewis Saunders’ Website