Hypnotize Art
MoMA Offers Free Online Photography Course
New York / September 13, 2015

Taking pictures all the time or following all the best Instagram accounts doesn’t necessarily mean you know what you’re doing (or even looking at). Luckily the Museum of Modern Art is here to help! Seeing Through Photographs is the first online course open to the general public . Drawing on content from MoMA’s own collection, the aim of the course is to bridge the gap between seeing a photograph and actually understanding how it works by exposing participants to various perspectives on what photography is and how it’s used. And not just today but throughout history! The course also makes use of various media: short films, video conversations, and audio slideshows featuring artist interviews. Check out Coursera.org for more information!

Animation: “Nightingale and Canary” by Andy Thomas
Animation / September 10, 2015

According to his Vimeo bio, Australian artist Andy Thomas “specialises in particle simulation based motion graphics, inspired by nature and technology”. A simpler way of saying it might be that he makes shapes that react to sounds. In the video below Thomas makes visuals for two bird sounds from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s archives. It kinda reminds me of that scene in Ratatouille where Remy imagines the colours of taste. Watch “Nightingale and Canary” below!  

Kelsey Henderson
New York / September 9, 2015

Paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Kelsey Henderson. More below.            

Pascaline Lefebvre
Drawings / September 9, 2015

This is my favourite comic; it’s exactly my face when my dad would clean my ears when I was a kid. More drawings by Montreal-based illustrator Pascaline Lefebvre below.                  

Feel Good Video of the Day: Take a Beat
New York / September 5, 2015

New York-based beatboxer and improvisational comedian Chris “Shockwave” takes to the streets to offer passersby a free beat to brighten their day. Watch how the various collaborations turned out in the wonderful video below!  

Anton Velichko
Drawings / September 4, 2015

Drawings by artist Anton Velichko. More below.