Hypnotize Art
Wearable Art Class
New York / December 23, 2015

More art projects aimed at seniors please! This project was born when costume maker and performer Riitta Ikonen (one of my favourite artists) and the blogger behind , Alison Kuo, decided to make art with the dynamic and fashionable older residents of Chinatown. “Wearable Art Class” is a multidisciplinary visual art and performance program for the senior residents of Manhattan’s Chinatown. They’ve met every Wednesday since January, at the City Hall Senior Center, and they have a show opening today at Christopher Henry Gallery! See more of the seniors’ wearable works below!   The team behind this project has grown to include: Riitta Ikonen (Finland) Alison Kuo (US) Yue Lin (China) Wei Xiaoguang (China) Karoline Hjorth (Norway) Annie Collinge (UK)