Hypnotize Art
New York / January 30, 2016

Gestalten has released a comprehensive collection of work by New York artists Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil, better known as Faile. Buy it .

Judy Kameon for New York Times
Designer / January 23, 2016

Garden designer Judy Kameon created this beautiful “T” for New York Times’ T Magazine using 130 plants. Love the colours here! Judy Kameon / via:

Artist Spotlight: Andie Dinkin
Drawings / January 22, 2016

Wonderfully detailed drawings by Brooklyn-based artist, Andie Dinkin. Dinkin studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design where she graduated (with honours) in 2014. See more images below.              

Brooks Salzwedel
Drawings / January 20, 2016

Beautiful drawings by artist Brooks Salzwedel. Graphite, coloured pencil, ink, mylar, resin on panel. Found via . More below.        

“The Study of Life as Things” Drawings by Artist Edwin Ushiro
Drawings / January 20, 2016

Ballpoint pen, marker, and colored pencil drawings by artist Edwin Ushiro. The show entitled “The Study of Life as Things” references Wailuku, the town he grew up in on the Hawaiian island of Maui. It opens at Giant Robot 2 on July 18th. Check out lots more images below.                         The Study of Life as Things July 18 – August 5, 2015 Opening Reception: July 18, 2015, 6:30-10:00 PM Giant Robot 2 (GR2) 2062 Sawtelle Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90025

Photographer Monika Merva
New York / January 15, 2016

Wonderfully beautiful photographs by Brooklyn-based Photographer, Monika Merva. Take a look at her whole series below, focusing on beginnings and endings, life and death. The series is titled “Origins.”                            

Trippy Animation of the Day
Animation / January 15, 2016

“Inner Space Artifacts” is an experimental animation by San Francisco-based, 3D artist Ben Ridgway. Ridgway has been experimenting with animation since 1992 and helped develop games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Watch “Inner Space Artifacts” below!

Andy Mueller
Designer / January 8, 2016

Photos by Andy Mueller, who also does a million other things just as well. He runs , and makes things for , and , and .