Hypnotize Art
Kacper Hamilton
Designer / February 29, 2016

An axe and a set of beautiful tools by British designer Kacper Hamilton for Swiss ski company . The axe is made of carbon fibre and ash wood, and has an interchangeable head. The tools below were inspired by Japanese Higonokami folding knives.  

Jeff Olsson
Drawings / February 29, 2016

Drawings by artist Jeff Olsson. Gothenburg, Sweden. More below.                

Fashion / February 28, 2016

Fashion inspired drawings by Perth-based illustrator Jiiakuann. More below.                

Anthony Lister
New York / February 23, 2016

Anthony Lister paints The Standard (New York) hotel. He also painted some cool masks that are for sale:

No Layout
Fashion / February 21, 2016

No Layout could be a helping hand for all you independent publishers out there! It’s a digital library archiving art books and fashion magazines. Nice and simple.

Bart Nijstad
Drawings / February 21, 2016

Drawings and paintings by artist Bart Nijstad, based in the Netherlands. The last seven images are from an autobiographical comic called “Scuffle”.    

Artist Spotlight: Uwe Schein
Drawings / February 20, 2016

Fantastic pen and Chinese ink drawings by Nuremberg, Germany-based artist Uwe Schein. See more of Schein’s work below.                    

Understand Music
Animation / February 19, 2016

An exquisite animation about music, from Mainz, Germany. Lovely style here and I like the message. Watch below!

Animation: “Meanwhile in Rio”
Animation / February 17, 2016

Enjoyed this expressive oil pastel animation made by George Wheeler for Jacob Perlmutter’s album “Meanwhile in Rio”. Watch the animation below.  

Christina Empedocles
Drawings / February 16, 2016

Drawings by artist Christina Empedocles,born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, now living and working in San Francisco, California. More below.