Hypnotize Art
Ante Timmermans
Drawings / February 11, 2016

Drawings by Belgium-based artist Ante Timmermans. More below.          

Designer Treehouses
Designer / February 10, 2016

Did you ever build a treehouse when you were a kid? Not like this you didn’t… Baumraum is in the designer treehouse business and their work speaks for itself.

Black Holes
Animation / February 10, 2016

An animation about spaghettification, by Grace Helmer. Watch the film below!

Space GIF-ITI: INSA Paints the World’s Largest Animated GIF in Brazil
Animation / February 8, 2016

My talented buddy INSA just created the world’s largest animated GIF, with the help of a team of painters, and a satellite in space. The mural in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is part of his “GIF-ITI” series, an on-going project in which he paints murals several times over to create frames of animation. As you can see in the video below, working at this scale is no easy task! Watch the video below.

Video of the Day: Horizon
Animation / February 7, 2016

“Horizon” draws attention to our limited perspectives but also the importance of overcoming limitations and expanding our worldview. Watch Gianluca Scuderi’s ode to horizon lines below!    

Dree Hemingway runs through NY!
Fashion / February 5, 2016

opted to shoot a beautiful video in place of a runway show for their Fall 2009 line. They hired / for all the heavy lifting and the girl running throughout the video is Ernest Hemingway’s great grand-daughter, Dree Hemingway. Directed by Nez Khammel.

Artist Spotlight: Dan Gluibizzi
Drawings / February 4, 2016

A selection of work from , Portland-based artist Dan Gluibizzi’s show that just opened at CULT in San Francisco. More images below.                                  

Mike Harrison
Designer / February 2, 2016

UK-based designer and illustrator Mike Harrison just updated his portfolio with some awesome new work. I love the second image below, inspired by the idea of a human lava lamp. Great stuff! http://destill.net/

Hayao Miyazaki Un-retires
Animation / February 1, 2016

Studio Ghibli founder and iconic animator Hayao Miyazaki is working on a 3D animation about a caterpillar named Boro! The only hitch: the ten minute short will take about three years to make. And once it’s finished it’ll be screening exclusively at the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan. “I intend to work until the day I die. I retired from feature-length films but not from animation. Self-indulgent animation,” he said at the time in reference to his short films for the Ghibli Museum. He added then that while neither CG animation or hand-drawn animation is better than the other, he fears the latter is dying. “I think talent decides everything. More than the method, what’s important is the talent using it. There’s nothing inherently wrong or right about a method, whether it be pencil drawings or 3-D CG. Pencil drawings don’t have to go away, but those who continue to use the medium lack talent. So sadly, it will fade away” – Hayao Miyazaki (source)