Hypnotize Art
Artist Spotlight: Jess Perea
Designer / March 30, 2016

Gorgeous collages by Spanish artist Jess Perea. Lots more images below, really love his work.                                      

Liars / Brats
Animation / March 29, 2016

A mesmerizing video for Liars, directed by Ian Cheng. I won’t be able to hear this song now without feeling a little uneasy. Watch below! director: ian cheng choreographer: madeline hollander producer: christian de vietri performers: david yijae, max van der sterre, ade chike torbert assistant animation: mike liu motion capture services: motion capture nyc, steve day, henry brito thanks: patrick daughters, micaela durand, zelda roland, rachel rose label: mute

Free Learning of the Day: Watch Aaron Draplin Design A Logo in 15 Minutes
Designer / March 25, 2016

Here’s a good one for all you graphic designers out there. Watch everyone’s favourite logo designer, Aaron Draplin, design a logo in 15 minutes. This is the sort of content that I was dying for around the time I was in school. Actually, watching this is exactly how I felt when I first started as a co-op in the concept art department at Electronic Arts. All these seasoned illustrators and designers were making stuff all around me, and I was just sitting there, watching every thing they did, soaking it all up. Watch the video below. Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from lynda.com on Vimeo.

Wayne Lawrence
New York / March 24, 2016

Photos by Wayne Lawrence. Brooklyn, New York. See more below.          

Animation of the Day: Feelings by Nate Milton
Animation / March 23, 2016

Nate Milton spent three weeks writing down every image or memory that gave him a tingly feeling. The result of that list is a stream of consciousness style animation, recounting bits of Nate’s life. Watch Feelings below.  

Artist Profile: Alyssa Monks
New York / March 15, 2016

A beautifully shot portrait of Brooklyn-based artist Alyssa Monks, leaving the city to paint and reflect on her art practice. Watch the video below.  

Animation Made Using Only Apple Keynote
Animation / March 15, 2016

Designer Linda Dong left her job at Apple to travel the world and work on personal projects. She’s currently based in Tokyo and has made this really cool little animation using only the Apple Keynote app. I am now officially embarrassed of every presentation I’ve made. She’s provided some tips and her project file on her site here. Watch the animation below.  

Flory Huang
Drawings / March 14, 2016

Drawings by artist Flory Huang. See more below.