Hypnotize Art
Snapchat Photography Show: This Is It/Now
New York / March 11, 2016

A couple years ago Max Marshall and Paul Paper organized a unique photo show called “Blog Reblog” where they both curated a group of 100 photographers, paired them up, and then had each one select an image from the other photographer’s portfolio. The two have just launched a new project called This Is It/Now, a photography show that exists on solely on Snapchat. Artists Nico Krijno, Roxana Azar, Sergiy Barchuk, Ruth Van Beek, Lonneke van der Palen, and David Brandon Geeting will each take over the project’s snapchat account for a week. The show will close with a panel discussion at Signal Gallery in Brooklyn. You can view the show by following the snapchat username: thisisitnowshow. Artist Roxana Azar is currently posting.

Keyboard Modification Allows Typing with the Flair of Handwriting
Designer / March 10, 2016

After receiving a dozen handwritten letters from his grandmother, French designer Nicolas Nahornyj came up with a way to bring back the personal flair of handwriting to computer-based word processing. Nahornyj’s setup involves moveable palettes that allow users to purposefully distort their typeface as they go, effectively producing their own personalized font. Watch in action below!    

Ville Kallio
Drawings / March 6, 2016

Drawings by Helsinki, Finland-based illustrator Ville Kallio. Found via our  post. More below.                  

Yule Log 2.0
Animation / March 5, 2016

This year that boring old Yule Log loop has been re-imagined by animators from all around the world. Great idea for a holiday project!

Hye Jin Chung
New York / March 3, 2016

Works by New York-based Korean illustrator Hye Jin Chung. More below.