Hypnotize Art
Mesmerizing Video of the Day: 3D-Printed Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures
Designer / September 29, 2016

This mesmerizing video features 3d-printed zoetrope sculptures designed by Stanford University teacher, John Edmark. The shapes are generated based on Fibonacci numbers, the same relationship you will find in pinecones, and sunflowers. Zoetropes traditionally rely on a strobe light for the human eye to perceive the animation; this video employs a fast shutter to achieve the same effect. Watch the video below!  

Yael Eban
New York / September 26, 2016

A selection of photos from “Tzabar”, a series by Yael Eban. She is a Brooklyn-based artist who was born in Israel and raised in Indiana. More images below.          

Animation of the Day: Silkie “Love Affair”
Animation / September 25, 2016

Another flawless animation by London-based 2d and 3d animator Simon Landrein. This one for Silkie’s “Love Affair”. His style is so recognizable now, and he just knows how to pare down everything to just what’s necessary to tell a story. Fantastic work. Watch the animation below.  

“Everybody Street” Documentary
New York / September 24, 2016

This looks terrific! “Everybody Street” is a documentary about New York City and the iconic street photographers who have captured it over the years. Heads up, there’s a couple graphic images in the trailer. Watch below!  

Animation: “Marilyn Myller” by Mikey Please
Animation / September 20, 2016

You can now watch animator Mikey Please’s stunning stop-motion film “Marilyn Myller” in its entirety! I’d been waiting what seemed like forever to see this. You might remember Mikey’s previous film “The Eagleman Stag” which was also made from thousands of handmade foam models. Watch the film below!  

Video Profile: Designer James Victore
Designer / September 20, 2016

The latest episode of the interview series “Like Knows Like” features Brooklyn-based designer and teacher, James Victore. I previously posted about Victore’s insightful Youtube series “Burning Questions” . Watch the video below. Like Knows Like is a documentary project, created by filmmaker Bas Berkhout and photographer Marije Kuiper.

Eric Hu
New York / September 19, 2016

Beautiful graphic work by New York-based designer Eric Hu. More below.              

Matt Wojtan
Drawings / September 18, 2016

Drawings by artist Matt Wojtan. Found via . More below.        

Artist Spotlight: Pat Perry
Drawings / September 17, 2016

More sketches and finished drawings by artist Pat Perry, originally from Michigan, now based in Detroit. More images below.                      

Leda & St. Jacques
Fashion / September 13, 2016

Some nice work by the Italian/Canadian photography duo, Leda (the Italian) and St. Jacques (the Canadian). They’ve been making lots of noise in Canada’s fashion scene. Take a peek at their work at Productions L’Eloi. There seems to be a lot of hair on the blog lately!

Phil Yamada
Designer / September 10, 2016

Great graphic work by Phil Yamada. (No relation to me! Our last names aren’t even the same, you racists!)