Hypnotize Art
Frankenstein / Ballets Russes
Fashion / November 26, 2016

Not too long ago, I saw an image of this book on and wanted to know what it was. By some magic, it appeared on my doorstep this week. is a beautiful documentation of the Russian ballets that took place in Paris that moved ballet into the high fashion world. I love the drawing section! It’s a hardcover with nearly 350 pages so I’m sure the shipping wasn’t cheap – Huge thank you to Anton for your mystical mind-reading abilities and everyone else at, . You can purchase the book .

Matthias Geisler
Drawings / November 23, 2016

Drawings by artist Matthias Geisler. Found via . More below.                  

Agenda NYC Day 2
New York / November 20, 2016

It was another busy day at as everyone finished up their murals on the second floor. In the afternoon Luke and Mark jammed together on a beautiful piece for the main level.

Julianna Brion
Drawings / November 18, 2016

Sketchbook pages (old recycled books) by Julianna Brion.            

Music Video: Leaky Hands
Animation / November 17, 2016

Music video for track by Karol Stolarek is a monochromatic motion design project by student Jakub Romanowicz employing 3D graphics.

“Katachi” by Shugo Tokumaru
Animation / November 15, 2016

Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamski have created yet another fantastic music video! This time we have a stop-motion for Shugo Tokumaru’s song, . I’ve seen several videos utilize a similar special effect ( but I like what they achieved here by actually cutting each frame out of foam core and photographing them. Watch the animation below!

Sigrid Calon
Designer / November 12, 2016

Beautiful graphic work by Dutch illustrator/designer Sigrid Calon. More below.                    

Devin Rutz
New York / November 9, 2016

Ink on paper collage, works by New York-based artist Devin Rutz.