Hypnotize Art
Ana Kras
Designer / January 19, 2017

Beautiful furniture designed by photographer Ana Kraš. Ksilofon – a clothing rack made of wood. Noodle – a side table based on a waste basket. Bonbon – a lamp made from colorful string knitted over a steel frame. Hive Lamp – a floor-standing version of the Bonbon.

NYC through a Holga.
New York / January 16, 2017

I was wandering around Flickr recently and ended up spending a lot of time clicking through some great little photographs by Paris-based graphic designer, Stephanie *. If you’ve ever used a Holga to shoot anything you know it’s somewhat of a crapshoot until you’ve shot rolls and rolls and you have a good feel for the focus. I took a Holga with me to Sri Lanka and I never really got a good feel for it, so 90% of my shots were horrible but the ones that turned out made it well worth it. The Holga camera, for those that don’t know, is a cheap little plastic camera (buying and developing film will cost you more than the camera itself) whose imperfections are loved by many. Each Holga is a one of a kind in the way it allows light to leak inside and “ruin” the film, some people tape of sections to manipulate the way the light leaks in. Take a gander at the entire NYC HOLGA SET and be sure to look at the other sets as well – great stuff. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stephaniekac/sets/72157604938961617/

Dirk Rees
Fashion / January 13, 2017

Smack dab in the middle of Dirk Rees’ ber-glossy fashion and advertising portfolio I found some lovely shots from his personal work. His series is also worth peeping (some non-worksafe content): http://www.dirkrees.com/

F5: New York City / Free Tickets!
New York / January 4, 2017

All you New Yorkers this one’s for you! is going down April 16-17 in New York and you do not want to miss it! Speakers include contemporary photographer Charlie White (I would go just to see him), Psyop, Dvein, Jonah Lehrer, Imaginary Forces, BBDO NY, to name a few. The tickets go for $280 each, and I have a pair to give away! I’m tempted to fly out there and use them myself! Did I mention the event has an open bar? If you want the tickets (and live in the area) leave a comment on this post! A winner will be randomly selected Sunday night! Don’t say I didn’t ever do anything nice for you guys – I expect one of you to let me sleep on your apartment floor if I ever get out to NYC! Thanks to Justin of for the tickets!

“Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop” by Caleb Wood
Animation / January 2, 2017

Love this surreal short animation by Caleb Wood. Some of the sound here oddly sorta reminds me of Yojimbo (one of my favourite film scores).  Watch below.   Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop from caleb wood on Vimeo.