Hypnotize Art
Saigo No Shudan
Animation / January 15, 2015

Ayumu Arisaka, Mai Oita, and Ren Kohata are known as . Together they are making some of the most unconventional animations I’ve seen. They combine drawings, paintings, cut-outs, toys, you name it. Their work is unpredictable, and totally refreshing. Enjoy several of their videos below!

Animation: “I Decided To Leave” by Daniel Britt
Animation / January 2, 2015

This surreal animation by Daniel Britt (from the insanely talented This Is It Collective) is nothing short of a masterpiece. Brilliant writing, and flawless animation. Hats off to everyone involved, especially sound designer Oswald Skillbard. Watch “I Decided To Leave” below!  

Animation: “Way Out” by Yukai Du
Animation / December 30, 2014

“Way Out”, an animation by London-based illustrator and animator Yukai Du. Her film is a reflection on the lifelessness of life thanks to mobile devices, and was inspired by the book “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle. Watch it below.  

Animation of the Day: Muta “Praise”
Animation / December 24, 2014

This song on repeat all morning. Love this simple animation style by Titouan Bordeau for Muta’s song “Praise”. Music label King Deluxe always has great videos. Watch the animation below.  

Animation of the Day: Joshua Davis Texture Mapping “See” by Tycho
Animation / December 6, 2014

Designer Joshua Davis has been creating some really cool visuals lately, experimenting with texture mapping (2D image wrapped onto a 3D object). Here he uses Tycho’s “See” video as the source and the results are way more interesting than the original Tycho video. Watch the experiment below.