Hypnotize Art
Animation: “Marilyn Myller” by Mikey Please
Animation / September 20, 2016

You can now watch animator Mikey Please’s stunning stop-motion film “Marilyn Myller” in its entirety! I’d been waiting what seemed like forever to see this. You might remember Mikey’s previous film “The Eagleman Stag” which was also made from thousands of handmade foam models. Watch the film below!  

Animation: Berg
Animation / August 30, 2016

A mellow piece by an animator who goes by the name of kanahebi features a series of flowing aquatic forms set to a track by Magic Lantern called ‘Feasting On Energy’ – video embedded below:

Interactive 3D Video: A Way To Go
Animation / August 9, 2016

A Way To Go is an impressive online experience that demonstrates the potential of future creativity, combining interactive 3D video, animation, illustration and (if you have a headset), virtual reality, recommended to everyone. Put together by Vincent Morisset, Caroline Robert, douard Lanctt-Benoit and produced by the National Film Board of Canada, this work was included in the interactive section of the most recent Sundance Film Festival. You are an anonymous character who can either walk or run in a woods setting, maybe stop to look around and examine the surroundings. From scene to scene, your mouse clicks perform various effects from the visual to the audio. Here, animation is not a passive experience and you have some sense of agency, all of this put together using current web technology. You have to check this out for yourself – you need to use the Google Chrome web browser, put look around, play around, and have fun here.

Animation of the Day: Coda
Animation / July 19, 2016

Directed by Alan Holly, cowritten by Holly and Rory Byrne, and co-animated by Holly, Byrne, and Eoghan Dalton,  manages to instil real emotion into the relatively clich theme of life and death. Beautifully executed and deceptively simple. Watch the full video below!

Ola Szmida
Animation / June 24, 2016

Polish animator Ola Szmida received an honourable mention at the 2015 Short Waves Festival. The trailer for “Unwanted Desires” is below, along with more of her illustrations and animations.

Universal Everything’s Wondrous Projections on the Sydney Opera House
Animation / June 4, 2016

In collaboration with 22 animation studios from all over the world, Universal Everything has created a living mural for the Sydney Opera House. While adapting cutting-edge technologies, Universal Everything encouraged a creative process intent on capturing something everyone can relate to. The hand-drawn approach, in particular, sets it apart from the kind of projections usually commissioned to light up the iconic structure. See more images and video of the project below.                                                 Animation Sequences: 01, Block: Universal Everything – 02, Burst: Patch d. Keyes – patchdkeyes.co.uk/ 03, Fill: Drew Tyndell – drewtyndell.com/ 04, Chase: Tymote – tymote.jp/ 05, Multiply: Nicolas Mnard – nicolasmenard.com/ 06, Climb: Parallel Teeth – parallelteeth.com/ 07, Rise: KClogg – kclogg.tumblr.com/ 08, Twist: Matt Scharenboich – mattscharenbroich.com/ 09, Wind: Vscolo – vascolo.com.ar/ 10, Swarm: Universal Everything 11, Calm: Zutto – zuttoworld.com/ 12, Float: Cindy Suen – cindysuen.tumblr.com/ 13, Power: Masanobu Hiraoka – vimeo.com/user6065152 14, Slide: Ori Toor – oritoor.com/ 15, Spin: Ori Toor 16, Wave: Vscolo 17, Construct: DXMIQ – dxmiq.com/ 18, Growth: DXMIQ 19, Flow: Ruff Mercy – ruffmercy.com/ 20, Scatter: Caleb Wood – vimeo.com/calebwood 21,…

Music Video: HNN “Je Pars”
Animation / June 3, 2016

This video directed by Hugo Arcier is like that one scene in “Under The Skin”. I’m never fully sold on a video that relies on one effect for the entire clip but it is definitely cool/weird enough to hold your attention. Watch “Je Pars” below.