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Free Learning of the Day: Design a Secret Society Bandana with Jon Contino
Designer / August 20, 2016

Skillshare has just released this terrific 16-minute tutorial video with celebrated New York-based graphic designer Jon Contino. This is a must-watch for any aspiring illustrators or designers out there. Jon is a great teacher, and here he walks you through creating a graphic for a bandana from start to finish in a single afternoon. Art and design school’s really have to step up their technical teaching with great content like this available online for free. Watch “Inside The Studio with Jon Contino” below.

Andy Gilmore
Designer / August 13, 2016

Andy Gilmore’s releasing a series of prints tomorrow with , and this little feature provides a nice peek inside his mind. Watch the video below!  

Yaacov Kaufman
Designer / August 11, 2016

Masks by Yaacov Kaufman. Tel Aviv, Israel. These masks aren’t a great representation of Kaufman’s body of work as he is a celebrated industrial designer, but there was a spontaneity to them that I really liked. Later he showed us his circle experiments that were on display at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the work shared a similar energy to the masks.

Keetra Dean Dixon
Designer / August 11, 2016

Love this series of cordial invitations by Keetra Dean Dixon. Easily some of the best graphic work I’ve posted on this site.

Joseba Elorza / Miraruido
Designer / July 29, 2016

Wonderful collages by Joseba Elorza. I found this work after Joseba left a comment on the Heiko Mueller post. Some very interesting sound work over there as well!

Anje Jager
Designer / July 25, 2016

Illustrations by Anje Jager. While browsing through Jager’s work I also came across this powerful image created for . I usually try not to stick in work that doesn’t really flow with the rest of what I’m posting but this had to be included.

“Burning Questions” by James Victore
Designer / July 19, 2016

Designer James Victore has a really great Youtube Channel you should subscribe to. It’s called “Burning Questions” and he uses the outlet to directly answer questions sent to him, about life and making good work. The man definitely knows a thing or two, having some of his brilliant posters remain in MoMA’s collection. I should note the image at the top of this post is not his work, it was drawn by his friend, artist Jon Burgerman, for one of the intros. James and I emailed back and forth a bit and he was as friendly and down to earth as he is in the videos. I asked him to pick out a few of his favourite videos so far and he kindly obliged, adding that he loves reading the heartfelt comments. So if any of the videos strike a chord with you, leave him a message, I know he’ll appreciate it! Have a look at the videos James selected below: There Ain’t No Shortcuts:   How Do I Find My Voice:   You’re Better Off If You End Up Becoming Yourself:   James Victore Gets Fired:  

Illustrator Spotlight: Zoe Keller
Designer / July 5, 2016

Beautifully detailed graphite/ink drawings by Portland-based illustrator/designer Zoe Keller. Keller graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. See more images below.                        

“Rewind” by Pauline Saglio
Designer / May 21, 2016

Another brilliant project from ECAL University of Arts and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland. “Rewind” is a series of digital clocks designed by Pauline Saglio. Each clock is equipped with a unique rewind mechanism which must be manually wound to display the time. Watch the video below!