Hypnotize Art
Interactive 3D Printed Wearable Detects Viewers’ Gaze
Designer / May 6, 2016

“Caress of the Gaze” is a concept video for an interesting piece of 3D printed clothing that instantly reacts according to viewers’ gaze. The work was created by interaction designer, Behnaz Farahi, as part of Autodesk’s Pier 9 Artist in Residence program. Watch the video below.  

Julie Joliat
Designer / April 30, 2016

“Agenda 2011” by Swiss designer Julie Joliat. It contains more than 50 connect-the-dot puzzles revealing famous art pieces, and a whole slew of other useful things like a wine chart. I want one. Agenda 2011 by Julie Joliat via:

Designer / April 21, 2016

Self-portraits by Undoboy, currently showing at W+K.

Dan Mumford.
Designer / April 18, 2016

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator/designer/screenprinter based out of London. He mainly uses pencils, pens, a tablet, and photoshop to create his work and coincidently that’s exactly how I make my work… oh yes, there’s one small difference – his illustrations are AWESOME. Found his work over at: The Serif!

Artist Spotlight: Matt W. Moore
Designer / April 12, 2016

New work by artist Matt W. Moore, from his recent show “Shadovvs” at 886 Geary Gallery (San Francisco). More images below.                                    

Blake E. Marquis
Designer / April 11, 2016

I wanted to post about some awesome hand-drawn type by Blake E. Marquis that I saw for sale on , but then I came across these awesome pencil drawings on his . So this post is kinda all over the place. Great work nonetheless.

Artist Spotlight: Jess Perea
Designer / March 30, 2016

Gorgeous collages by Spanish artist Jess Perea. Lots more images below, really love his work.                                      

Free Learning of the Day: Watch Aaron Draplin Design A Logo in 15 Minutes
Designer / March 25, 2016

Here’s a good one for all you graphic designers out there. Watch everyone’s favourite logo designer, Aaron Draplin, design a logo in 15 minutes. This is the sort of content that I was dying for around the time I was in school. Actually, watching this is exactly how I felt when I first started as a co-op in the concept art department at Electronic Arts. All these seasoned illustrators and designers were making stuff all around me, and I was just sitting there, watching every thing they did, soaking it all up. Watch the video below. Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge from lynda.com on Vimeo.

Keyboard Modification Allows Typing with the Flair of Handwriting
Designer / March 10, 2016

After receiving a dozen handwritten letters from his grandmother, French designer Nicolas Nahornyj came up with a way to bring back the personal flair of handwriting to computer-based word processing. Nahornyj’s setup involves moveable palettes that allow users to purposefully distort their typeface as they go, effectively producing their own personalized font. Watch in action below!    

Kacper Hamilton
Designer / February 29, 2016

An axe and a set of beautiful tools by British designer Kacper Hamilton for Swiss ski company . The axe is made of carbon fibre and ash wood, and has an interchangeable head. The tools below were inspired by Japanese Higonokami folding knives.  

Designer Treehouses
Designer / February 10, 2016

Did you ever build a treehouse when you were a kid? Not like this you didn’t… Baumraum is in the designer treehouse business and their work speaks for itself.

Mike Harrison
Designer / February 2, 2016

UK-based designer and illustrator Mike Harrison just updated his portfolio with some awesome new work. I love the second image below, inspired by the idea of a human lava lamp. Great stuff! http://destill.net/