Hypnotize Art
Ana Kraš / Shy Gestures
Designer / January 4, 2015

posted a nice feature on Serbian-born artist and designer Ana Kraš. I’ve featured her beautiful objects before (). Watch the interview below!

Lukas Peet
Designer / December 20, 2014

Beautiful lights, stools, and clocks by Lukas Peet. Vancouver.  

JK Keller
Designer / December 19, 2014

Artist/designer JK Keller (lives and works with Keetra Dean Dixon). Found matchbooks manipulated into little hands spelling letters in sign language. Just one of Keller’s many genius projects.

Artist Spotlight: Gemma O’Brien
Designer / December 9, 2014

I’ve been bugging artist/typographer Gemma O’Brien for images from her show “Hiatus” at China Heights (Sydney, Australia) for awhile. Everything I saw through her Instagram @mrseaves101 looked incredible. She sent over a bunch of process and install shots so you can see just how much work went into it. Have a look below!