Hypnotize Art
Artist Spotlight: Peter Taylor
Drawings / January 26, 2015

Peter Taylor continues to explore themes of balance and joy in these fantastic new pencil drawings (click here for previous post). If you happen to be in Vancouver March 19th, you can check out  at El Kartel (104 East Pender). If not, see more images below.              

Artist Spotlight: Michael Howard aka NVM Illustration
Drawings / January 19, 2015

You’ll be able to tell by the amount of images below (there’s a lot) how much I love Michael Howard’s work. The London-based illustrator makes work under the name NVM Illustration and if you dive into his Tumblr it may be hours before you re-emerge. More images below.                                        

Eric Yahnker
Drawings / January 16, 2015

Hilarious drawings by artist Eric Yahnker (I previously posted his work ). More below.                    

Na Kim
Drawings / January 9, 2015

Drawings by illustrator Na Kim. Brooklyn, New York.                  

Jake Terrell
Drawings / January 8, 2015

Comics by artist Jake Terrell. More below.                

Andy Calabozo
Drawings / December 23, 2014

Andy Calabozo was born in Caracas, Venezuela. Now he’s based in Portugal. More drawings below.                        

Illustrator Spotlight: Lisa Kogawa
Drawings / December 14, 2014

Illustrator Lisa Kogawa was born and raised in Japan and is currently living and working in Los Angeles. Really nice variety of styles. More images below.                    

Apolo Cacho
Drawings / December 2, 2014

Drawings by Mexico City-based artist Apollo Cacho. More below.