Hypnotize Art
Matt Wojtan
Drawings / September 18, 2016

Drawings by artist Matt Wojtan. Found via . More below.        

Artist Spotlight: Pat Perry
Drawings / September 17, 2016

More sketches and finished drawings by artist Pat Perry, originally from Michigan, now based in Detroit. More images below.                      

Jonathan Koshi
Drawings / September 9, 2016

While living in Brussels, Belgium, artist Jonathan Koshi spent 3 months photographing doors covered in tags. He used the photos to produce a gorgeous series of graphite drawings. See more below.                

Cli Lee
Drawings / September 6, 2016

More drawings from Chinese-born, London based, artist Cli Lee. Previously featured . More below.                

Illustrator Spotlight: AJ Frena
Drawings / September 1, 2016

This Princess Mononoke illustration is on another level. Illustrator AJ Frena, originally from Texas, attended SVA in New York before moving to Pittsburgh where he currently lives and works. Have a look at more of his work, including his take on Totoro and Seven Samurai, below.                

Video Profile: Artist/Illustrator Wasted Rita
Drawings / August 28, 2016

The latest episode of the interview series “Like Knows Like” features Lisbon-based artist Rita Gomes aka Wasted Rita, whose image you’ve surely seen circulating Tumblr. She is hilarious and so honest. Watch the video profile below.   Like Knows Like is a brilliant on-going documentary project, created by filmmaker Bas Berkhout and photographer Marije Kuiper.  

Artist Spotlight: Shohei Otomo
Drawings / August 13, 2016

Ball-point pen drawings by the god, artist Shohei Otomo, based in Tokyo. More images below.                                          

Paul White
Drawings / August 4, 2016

Some recent coloured pencil drawings by Melbourne-based artist Paul White. See more below.