Hypnotize Art
Dirk Rees
Fashion / January 13, 2017

Smack dab in the middle of Dirk Rees’ ber-glossy fashion and advertising portfolio I found some lovely shots from his personal work. His series is also worth peeping (some non-worksafe content): http://www.dirkrees.com/

Frankenstein / Ballets Russes
Fashion / November 26, 2016

Not too long ago, I saw an image of this book on and wanted to know what it was. By some magic, it appeared on my doorstep this week. is a beautiful documentation of the Russian ballets that took place in Paris that moved ballet into the high fashion world. I love the drawing section! It’s a hardcover with nearly 350 pages so I’m sure the shipping wasn’t cheap – Huge thank you to Anton for your mystical mind-reading abilities and everyone else at, . You can purchase the book .

Yossi Michaeli
Fashion / November 6, 2016

Love the art direction in this photo shoot by Yossi Michaeli. If I knew who handled the styling and makeup I would give them credit as well.

Leda & St. Jacques
Fashion / September 13, 2016

Some nice work by the Italian/Canadian photography duo, Leda (the Italian) and St. Jacques (the Canadian). They’ve been making lots of noise in Canada’s fashion scene. Take a peek at their work at Productions L’Eloi. There seems to be a lot of hair on the blog lately!

Vogue Korea
Fashion / August 1, 2016

Stumbled upon some great editorial shoots for on Flickr. They look like frames from a Bjork video!

Flora Hanitijo
Fashion / July 6, 2016

Flora Hanitijo grew up in Montreal Canada and she currently lives, and snaps photos, in New York.

Gemma Booth
Fashion / June 11, 2016

Some really fun photography from Gemma Booth. Apparently fashion photography doesn’t always have to include a bunch of naked girls! It must be pretty tough for Booth to take a bad picture when her shoots are so fantastically art-directed and brilliantly styled. Love the series with the little robot! This work is a breath of fresh air! See more of Gemma Booth’s work here: http://www.gemmabooth.com And get familiar with her blog here: http://gemmabooth.blogspot.com/

Baldovino Barani
Fashion / April 29, 2016

Love this fashion set by Baldovino Barani. The colour palette reminds me of . Would love to see more films get wild in the costume design department.

Fashion / April 11, 2016

Your life is officially over. Well, if you are at all interested in fashion it is. I came across Lookbook about a month ago and my productivity went sub-zero for quite awhile. Aspiring fashionistas upload photos of themselves and attach details of exactly what they’re wearing – photos are hyped up and aggregated on the main page. Simple concept, perfect execution. The coup de grace is the fact that you can’t ever reach the bottom of the list, you scroll down a bit and the page smirks and says ‘HA, you think you are at the end?’ Then your scroll bar shoots way up the side and it loads about a million more shots. If your job is at all related to trend hunting, stick this in your RSS reader now. I love it. I am addicted – heck, most of these self-portraits are better than 99% of the streetwear lookbooks I see everyday! This is the Sartorialist without the Sartorialist; the future of the fashion blog. http://lookbook.nu

Fashion / February 28, 2016

Fashion inspired drawings by Perth-based illustrator Jiiakuann. More below.