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Satisfying Video of the Day: Street Typography
Typography / December 11, 2016

Tom Williams, a designer in London, happened to catch a couple city workers painting text onto a road and the footage is so satisfying to watch. I have so many questions! This dude with the roller is a master, are all city road painters this skilled? I always assumed stencils were involved? If anyone out there has more insight into this I would love to hear from you. Watch below.  

Google Maps Alphabet!
Typography / December 4, 2016

Rhett Dashwood dropped me a line to tell me about his project, . Looks like Eric Tabuchi has some competition in the found letters department!

“Home” by Job Wouters
Typography / September 3, 2016

Love this typographic mural at the Walker Art Center by Job Wouters, aka Letman. See more images of the process and watch the video below! job wouters via: artnau

Poster Designs by Felix Pfffli
Typography / July 23, 2016

Beautiful poster designs by Felix Pfffli. He has taught typography, narrative design, and poster design at the Lucerne School of Graphic Design. More work below.                

Luca Barcellona
Typography / June 27, 2016

Gorgeous calligraphy by Luca Barcellona. I had to hold my breath as I watched this footage. I could watch videos like this all day. Watch the video below!

Playful Type 2
Typography / June 25, 2016

Heads up type-lovers, Gestalten just released a fabulous book called “Playful Type 2”. The cover art is downright hideous (not sure what happened there) but the content totally makes up for it! Two thumbs up!

“365 Days of Type” by Sabrina Smelko
Typography / May 5, 2016

Every day this year Sabrina Smelko has created a custom numerical font, and posted it to her . She started at 1 and she’s slowly making her way to 365. Enjoy a bunch more of her creations below!   Follow Sabrina’s progress over here:  She also posts them on Instagram: 

90º Typography Pop-Up Book
Typography / December 31, 2015

, a pop-up typography book by Polish designer Iwona Przybyla. Letters made of thread appear when the book is opened to 90 degrees.

Sweeping Beauty
Typography / October 2, 2015

Who needs a pen when you can use a broom? More beautiful type work by Niels Shoe Meulman. Singapore. Watch the video below!

Yehrin Tong
Typography / March 30, 2015

Yehrin Tong definitely makes my shortlist for creative typographers and all around insane graphic designers. Visit Tong’s site and you will immediately try to bookmark it, unfortunately your head will have already exploded making this task quite difficult.